Laura Bridgeman

Borilla Kindy is a Kindy built on the foundations of compassion. The compassion flows from the staff and from the children. It is the basis from which all its decisions are made. I have had personal experience of this through each of my children’s journeys at Borilla.  I remember dropping my first child off on his first day at Kindy and his teacher, Mrs Stagoll, recognised immediately that I felt anxious. She intentionally went out of her way to make me feel at ease. When I dropped my second son off, my life was busy with the whirlwind of life. I had one boy at school, one at Kindy and one in my arms. I joined the committee at the Kindy as secretary that year and it felt like I had joined a new family. My third son, Ben, was born with Down syndrome (an extra chromosome in his DNA) and when he started Kindy, I wanted to know what extra supports would be required for him. Their answer was simple “The supports are already in place. Ben will be supported based on his individual needs. This is what we do for every child.” From this perspective, Ben was the same as every child in his uniqueness, just as it should be, just as it always should have been. What a gift of a lesson for me as a parent.  After two years as president on the committee at Borilla, I have learnt that the Kindy holds so much more than just compassion. It holds the capacity to change and it is intentional about continually improving its practises. Its vision is clear Families are supported …Children realise their full potential…Children’s services are valued and supported …Everyone in the community benefits. But this is not just a philosophy that Borilla works towards, instead it is a basis from which all decisions are made. Borilla Kindy is a model for excellence. It should be observed as a master in its trade (not because it is better than other Kindys but because it has the capacity to teach others). This has been recognised by the Government’s stringent Assessment and Rating process in which Borilla has received ‘Exceeding’ in every single category for the last two reviews. This recognition is the outcome of a team of compassionate, dedicated, driven and highly conscious staff who hold a commitment to improving the life of every child.  It is from this perspective, that I highly recommend Borilla Kindy for the start of your child’s lifelong love of life. In addition to this, I also recommend to anyone with the capacity to take the opportunity of sitting on the committee of an organisation of this calibre and learning from it.

 Thank you for everything, Laura Bridgeman