Borilla Community Kindergarten is a triple unit kindergarten located in Emerald, Qld.  Borilla is a not-for-profit community kindergarten offering a program for children aged 3½ to school age.

The centre offers six Kindergarten sessional groups (based on the Queensland Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines), and services approximately 132 families in Emerald and surrounding districts.  The centre celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2012.

We are committed to the value of play in children’s learning and development and our curriculum is designed to help children develop strong foundation skills for lifelong living and learning, as well as ease their transition into Prep.

Children’s experiences are informed and supported by the Federal Government’s “Belonging, Being and Becoming” Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Borilla Kindergarten
P.O. Box 1564
Cnr Borilla & Loch Streets.
Emerald, Queensland, 4720.

Phone:  07 49824734
Fax: 07 49 824717

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