The Project “Kindness Cupboard” is designed to support our kindergarten families who are going through difficult times in the post COVID world.
In addition to other initiatives undertaken by Borilla Kindy (having a daily breakfast club & partnering with Centacare CQ) this project is designed to construct a purpose-built cupboard that can house tinned and nonperishable foods for families to take as required. This storage space would also allow for other items (eg toiletries) to be freely available to families at no charge.
The purpose-built cupboard is necessary to provide safe storage and some discreetness for those families who wish to access supplies. The supplies will be restocked on a donation basis by other kindy families and the wider community.

Borilla Kindergarten has initiated numerous partnerships to increase participation in kindergarten and proudly supports all children and families. This includes supporting those with additional needs, rural and remote families, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those who live in “out of home” care and others from diverse and vulnerable backgrounds.  Borilla Kindergarten is very proud of its meaningful partnership with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.  The welcoming Totems (painted by Andrew Doyle & family) depict the shared learning journey of Belonging, Being & Becoming.

Borilla Kindergarten’s current and future plans for our funds are to continue to support all children and families attending the kindergarten in a holistic way.  The world, post COVID, can be a difficult place to navigate.  The theorist, Maslow tells us that before children can learn, their basic needs must be met. Two of these fundamental needs are clothing and food.

The current plans and the future for the Kindergarten include:

  • To continue to support local children and families and be responsive to their needs.
  • To continue to provide a Speech & Language Pathologist on staff to support and facilitate children’s early  intervention. This is funded entirely by the Kindergarten and provides easily accessible assessments and delivers clear intervention  pathways.
  • To continue to provide Inclusion Support Educators to support children with additional learning needs. The         current Disability funding model in clearly unworkable and does not allow for children with addit ional needs to be adequately support ed to develop their full potential. This is an  ongoing cost to Borilla Kindergarten as the Kindy prides itself on supporting all children and valuing diversity.
  • Completing the sandpit shade project. In 2019 the sandpit was refurbished.

Thank you to the Central Highlands Community for giving back to our amazing community and making this grant available to allow our Kindergarten to pursue this project.  This organization certainly has demonstrated and purposeful support to our community and this in turn will create better opportunities for our children.