Our Vision

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers.

More About our Vision

Becoming Being Belonging

To celebrate childhood and embrace each child's potential


We recognise that children belong first to a family. We acknowledge that family are the child's first teachers and as such are very important in their life and learning journey. Secure attachments, warm trusting relationships and interactions form the foundation…


We believe that each child is a unique individual. We aim to provide a warm, supportive and caring environment that encourages self-expression, self-reliance and enhances each child's self-esteem and nurtures resilience. Children are viewed as successful, capable and competent learners.…


We believe that children are active learners and learn through their play, interests, intentional teaching and meaningful interactions with others. It is through a supportive play-based environment that each child's ability to participate fully and actively in the community is…

Providing Early Education Since 1992

Borilla Community Kindergarten was established in 1992.

Borilla Kindergarten is a not for profit, community based triple unit kindergarten in Emerald QLD affiliated with the Gowrie Inc. offering a Qld Government Approved Kindergarten program.

  • Groups Borilla Kindy is a Qld Government Approved Kindergarten Program Provider which delivers an inclusive program and caters for children aged 3.5 years to school age, offering six different kindergarten groups.
  • Approved Program Borilla Kindergarten delivers an inclusive Kindergarten program based on the Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG). Our teachers are all at minimum 4-year trained Early Childhood Teachers.
  • Before & After Care Before & After Care runs 5 days a week across all groups and is available for the days your child attends Kindy. BAKC runs from 7am in the morning to 5.30pm in the afternoon either side of the kindy program.
  • Family Involvement We warmly welcome parents to spend time at our centre with their child. This is a time to be with your child away from the distractions of everyday life and to observe their play and interactions.

Kindy Klub

Borilla Kindergarten runs Before & After Kindy Klub 5 Days a week. We also extend Kindy for a 3 day a week groups from 2pm to 3.30pm to help with school pick ups.

Our Staff

To build genuine partnerships, we believe it is important that staff value children and their families. Staff listen to parents and appreciate the ongoing support of families who give their time and skills generously.

Mrs Jenny Finlay Director
Mrs Kerri Rudd Teacher
Mrs Jenny Shannen Teacher

In 2024 Kindy is Free at Borilla Kindy!

Enrolments for 2024 have now commenced. Limited positions available. Please add your children to our waiting list for 2025 and beyond.

Read more about Free Kindy Waiting List Form

What Parents Say

 Borilla Kindy is a model for excellence. It should be observed as a master in its trade, not because it is better than other Kindergarten's, but because it has the capacity to teach others.

Latest Events

Borilla Bulletin

New Shade at Borilla Kindy

Borilla Kindy had an upgrade to the shade over the sandpit in the playground over the school holidays.  The new structure has provided extended cover over this play area.  The original structure was over 25 years old.  This project would…

26  Jul

Borilla Kindergarten Kindness Cupboard

The Project "Kindness Cupboard" is designed to support our kindergarten families who are going through difficult times in the post COVID world. In addition to other initiatives undertaken by Borilla Kindy (having a daily breakfast club & partnering with Centacare…

06  May

Borilla Kindergarten Receives Exceeding

Borilla Community Kindergarten completed our Assessment & Rating in February 2021.  We are excited to announce we have received a rating of Exceeding across all 7 Quality Areas.  


07 Sep

Playgroup Week 8

The children had lots of fun building with the waffle blocks and free building with loose parts play. So much fun to be had at playgroup. https://youtu.be/PH4-bfk9oMo

07 Sep

Bookweek 2021

Oh what fun was had. The children and educators had lots of fun dressing up this week. https://youtu.be/-hGFjcvCVNs

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Borilla Community Kindergarten recognises that families are as individual as the people in them.

Affiliated with The Gowrie (QLD) Borilla Community Kindergarten is licensed by the OECEC under the Education and Care Services National Regulations and Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010. Borilla Kindergarten has been rated as "EXCEEDING" National Quality Standards.

178 Borilla Street
PO Box 1564
Emerald QLD 4720

Phone: 07 4982 4734