2021-07-12 -


  • Start Date 2021-07-12

Ways your child can benefit from Playgroup.

  1. Allowing children to develop social skills at their own pace

Each child has their own approach towards developing their social skills. From ages three to five children begin to truly interact with others their age, and experience what happens when they do. This is also the time when social boundaries are learned – a very important lesson for adulthood.

   2. Building a child’s emotional confidence

A major benefit of playgroup is that children come assisted by their parents or other carers. From an emotional point of view, this strengthens the relationship between the child and their carer, because it creates a shared experience.

At the same time, the child meets new people at playgroup, which allows for a safe test of separation from their carer. This is an important trait for building confidence in children, encouraging them to be independent from an early age.

  1. Encouraging physical activity

Your child can get very active when at playgroup. Don’t worry if they’re not the physical activity kind. There will be a range of activities on offer playgroup.  These will vary from week to week.

  1. Supporting children’s imagination and creativity

The key strategy for developing creative thinking in children is allowing them to play in an unstructured way. At playgroup children can play dress-ups or develop play scenarios with dolls, DUPLO and other toys.  Creative thinking is of key importance to the next generation, as they will need this skill  to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

  1. Learning through role-play

Role play is a simple way for kids to engage with the world; this is why you may see your child fixing cars, singing to the dolls or playing families. Role play develops children’s imaginations and puts them in real-life situations where they need to solve problems and think of solutions. Playgroup is the perfect place to bring more characters into a child’s expansive world.