What is the Management Committee and what is its role in the centre?

The management committee is formed by parents of children currently attending or interested members of the community. This committee is the Approved Provider under the Early Childhood Education & Care Services legislation. The management committee meets once a month and are responsible for:

L-R: Gabby Hunt (Vice-President), Laura Bridgeman (President), Joanna Lennon (Treasurer), Paula Swain (Secretary.
  • General management and financial matter of the Kindergarten.
  • Following the rules of the association/constitution lodged with the Office of Fair Trading.
  • Ensuring the Kindergarten is meeting The Gowrie affiliation standards so the centre continues to receive QKFS funding.
  • The employment of all necessary staff and compliance with the provisions of any awards or other industrial requirements.
  • Legislative requirements affecting the centre including the Education & Care Services National Law Act (2011) , the Education & Care Services Nationals Regulations (2011) and other legislation such as Child Protection and Workplace, Health & Safety legislation.
  • Building and playgrounds.
  • Promoting the centre within the community.


Elections take place at the annual general meeting (AGM) usually early in the year and any decisions made by the Management Committee are based on a majority vote of the Management Committee. The Executive of the Management Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other positions which involve varying levels of commitment and specific skills also play an important role within the group.